Date of Organisation: 29th september,2019


Spardha is an Inter-College Social Business Plan Competition organized by team RMAX during Xamboree, the Annual Cultural Management Fest, organized by Xavier University Bhubaneswar. RMAX is organizing Spardha since 2008. This competition encourages students with innovative business ideas, plans, and methods to be implemented in the Rural Sector. It tests the social entrepreneurship quotient of participants through various stages in encompassing sectors that influence the rural scenario of India. Many teams from various colleges participated in the event and presented their ideas to a panel of experts. 

For the year 2019, Spardha was organized on the 29th of September, 2019, and the panel members were Prof. T.Kumar from Xavier School of Rural Management(XSRM) and Prof. Arpita Saha from the School of Communications. There were four finalists with two members in each group. The teams visited villages earlier and had come up with various ideas for different villages. The winner team ‘Krushi Sara’ was awarded a cash prize of Rs.8000, and the runners up were was awarded a prize money Rs.6000.