Date of Organisation: 10th August,2019


ThotBox, conducted by RMAX, screens quirky movies followed by discussion, that are thought-provoking majorly. These movies appeal to the moral sense and human values of the students. The prime objective of the club is to bring awareness among the audience over socially sensitive subjects, which we are hesitant to debate and discuss in public. It emphasizes to learn through contentions, deliberations, and dialogue. The movies are concerning Leadership, Religious beliefs, Feminism, Social, etc. which enables the students to learn and realize the grass-root level issues and realities. Post the movie screening, students are stimulated to put in their stand on and understandings from the movie, the importance of different characters in the film, the related impacts on the society, and the context of the movie. The whole activity is aimed at shedding light on the importance of thinking out of the box and developing the skillset to tackle the issues.